Interesting article in response to the new delta scenarios

Interesting article in response to the new delta scenarios. The report shows opportunities to redesign the country to become future-proof: dike elevations, river widening, construction-free zones in floodplains. But also by “living with water”, for example by building floating homes or houses on stilts.

The Blue Revolution Foundation, together with MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), is the initiator of the Floating Future Research Project. Over the next 5 years, a consortium of 44 parties around 10 PhDs from different disciplines will investigate what floating construction can contribute to the long-term liveability of our country. Olaf Waals Rutger de Graaf Margo Van Den Brink Tjeerd Bouma Floris Boogaard Joep van der Zanden Christiaan Weiler Floor Spaargaren Pernille van der Plank Jeroen Rijke

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