It is time to invest in Floating Solutions for Climate Adaptation

Very interesting article in Harvard Business Review by Ravi Chidambaram and Dr. Parag Khanna ” It is the time to invest more in climate adaptation. Additionally the authors also mention floating cities. “For example, from the Netherlands to Denmark and the Maldives to Singapore, developers and localities are planning or building floating cities that can rise with the tides and desalinate and recycle water for hydroponic agriculture.”

We will investigate in the Floating Future Research Project the economic values of large scale floating developments. In this 5 years research project also an investor’s roundtable will be organized. Rutger de Graaf Olaf Waals Koen Olthuis Ron van Duin Wouter Spekkink Menno Lammers Thijs van Gelder Karina Czapiewska Fen-Yu (Vicky) Lin Margo Van Den Brink Pernille van der Plank

Read the article here.