Koen Olthuis: The Future of Our Water

In H2o Magazine, Floating Future partner and member of our Project Advisory Committee Koen Olthuis van Waterstudio.NL makes an urgent plea for room for experimentation for a floating city in the Netherlands. Koen Olthuis is making an urgent appeal to make one of the 3,500 polders in our country available for a floating city. “Please make room for an experiment. Maybe it succeeds; Maybe things will go wrong. Then at least we will have gained experience and knowledge. I see a lot of young architects and designers who want to improve the country. Offers us as entrepreneurs the opportunity to show what we can do.”

In addition to the above call, the article also has an interesting interview with René Breman van BREiNN about DKK, the Drijfd Kracht, a project to make floating construction affordable for everyone. “Living on the water is in keeping with the Netherlands as a land of water. We would like to show that it is possible to live affordably on the water.”

Important building blocks on the way to a Floating Future! Olaf Waals, Floor Spaargaren Joep van der Zanden Rutger de Graaf Margo Van Den Brink Tjeerd Bouma Jeroen Rijke Floris Boogaard

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