The department of public administration and sociology is part of the school of social and behavioral sciences of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It covers the disciplines of Public Administration and Sociology. Two related scientific fields with different profiles. Public Administration studies governance capacity and policy interventions. It focuses on the institutional power to organize and intervene in the relations between different social, political and economic actors. Public Administration in Rotterdam goes well beyond the public realm itself and pays attention to public-private cooperation and networks of organizations. Sociology investigates the social structure of societies and the way it evolves. Sociologists in Rotterdam focus among other things on processes of globalization and individualization and on the effects of these processes on international social relations, the labor market or family relations. Related social problems that are studied are migration, flexibilization and solidarity. The perspectives of Public Administration and Sociology complement each other. Together they guarantee a highly relevant and scientific approach to topical administrative and social issues. The bachelor- and master programmes of DPAS are built on this profile and educate students to become scientifically schooled professionals.

Role in the Project

Erasmus University, department of public administration and sociology, is involved in work package 1 on Governance. We devote special attention to the creation of social and economically viable solutions for floating ports in the context of scarcity for space, the dynamics in logistic service provision and the social and economic implications of climate change. Key orientations are to identify key requirements to develop and apply floating concepts in ports, to identify the conditions (economic, social) for implementation of floating port concepts, and to identify and develop governance arrangements that are needed to implement floating concepts.