Indymo BV (Innovative Dynamic Monitoring; www.indymo.nl) is a SME startup company that uses aquatic drones and other cost-effective innovative monitoring solutions to collect underwater images, water samples and high spatial resolution water quality and ecology data. INDYMO has been developing innovative monitoring systems for more than five years and has developed a great deal of expertise in the world of (underwater) drones, water quality measurements and ecology observations using aquatic drones, sensor networks and modern inspection/surveying options. The company works closely with knowledge and educational institutions and applies this new knowledge (inter) nationally in projects (including various projects in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa).

Role in the Project

In the past years, Indymo has participated in multiple studies addressing how floating structures affect and interact with the surrounding environment. In this project, Indymo will continue to investigate this topic and we will participate in monitoring campaigns with our innovative monitoring techniques such as underwater drones or autonomous surface vehicles. These tools can collect multi-dimensional water quality and ecology data, which will be shared with the project research teams for further analysis and incorporation in predictive modelling studies.