The Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) has been dedicated to furthering maritime understanding and knowledge since 1932. Today, MARIN is an internationally recognised authority on ship and offshore hydrodynamics, involved in frontier breaking research programmes for governments, the maritime and offshore industry, and navies. MARIN provides testing services and simulation and training consultancy.

MARIN has a cluster of the largest dedicated maritime research facilities in the world, comprising an enviable array of basins, simulation tools, measurement equipment and production tools. But most importantly, MARIN has motivated people that bring it all together. This highly trained team is dedicated to advance hydrodynamic know-how and applying it for the benefit of the maritime industry as a whole. A complete information technology infrastructure is in place for the support of research, production, business processes and knowledge management.

Role in the Project

MARIN will lead the Floating Future consortium and form the link between NWO and the partners. Furthermore, MARIN will contribute to the technical work packages through their hydrodynamic expertise in the field of floating offshore structures. Specific activities include CFD simulations, a virtual reality experience in MARIN’s new Seven Oceans Simulator Centre, and a laboratory scale demonstrator of a large floating structure in MARIN’s Offshore Basin.