PAO Techniek en Management is the postgraduate educator for technical professionals who want to further develop themselves in a technical field or improve their leadership qualities. Every year we organize more than 150 courses and many customized in-company trainings without a profit motive. This way we ensure that engineers can continue to grow during their career after completing a higher or university education and strengthen their own market position and that of the organization they work for.
We bundle the latest knowledge and make it available in the form of classroom courses in small groups where applicability in practice plays a central role. Through the interaction between our experienced teachers and enthusiastic participants, we create a valuable environment in which each participant finds enrichment for his or her specific situation. Whether this is for a practical issue that requires a solution or for a complex project involving social challenges.

Role in the Project

Our goal is to disseminate knowledge from universities towards companies and governments. We see new, innovative technologies in “Floating Future” that need to be spread and brought into practice during and after the research project. Our contribution to this project will be to help develop and organise one or more short courses and to inform our network about this knowledge.