PosadMaxwan is dedicated to creating sustainable, healthy, and resilient living environments that cater to all. We focus on transitions around urbanization, mobility, circularity, health, energy, climate adaptation and social justice. We are committed to identifying urgent challenges and transforming them into high-quality, spatially articulated, and feasible future perspectives.

PosadMaxwan was established in 2018 following a merger between the urban planning agencies Posad and Maxwan. Our international team consists primarily of urban planners, researchers and landscape architects. With over 50 professionals, including urban planners, designers, architects, data scientists, and strategists, we provide a comprehensive array of services, blending research, strategy, design, and execution. In addition, our R+D team and extensive global network of experts enable us to investigate and address the transitions shaping tomorrow’s world.

We take pleasure in collaborating with clients eager to venture down new paths, open to innovative and unconventional ideas. We carry out work in the field of urban development research, landscape design and strategic consultancy in the spatial domain for public and private clients. Our contribution is that we provide insight into what the clean, healthy city looks like and what we can do today to realize that ambition. We stand for an integrated spatial design approach. With a team of masterminds, we grasp the intricacies of each challenge, harness data for human-centered solutions, and connect across various scales. This approach makes the assignments more understandable and enables well-founded decisions in the here and now.

Role in the Project

PosadMaxwan has been applying its vast knowledge on innovative urban development and design to the topic of floating cities in recent years. By integrating urban design, ecology, construction, mobility and energy knowledge, we have developed an integral vision on the potential of floating developments as a sustainable, climate adaptive form of urban development. PosadMaxwan will share its design expertise in this bigger research project and collaborate with the different experts to further explore how high-density, mixed floating developments can play a role in creating climate-proof, attractive cities. For more information, see: https://posadmaxwan.nl/en/news/155/floating-cities-the-solution-for-a-climate-resilient-future.