Reefy is a fast growing eco-engineering company from Delft, the Netherlands that combines biology and hydraulic engineering to develop nature-inclusive solutions for coastal protection and offshore wind projects.
Reefy’s ReefBlocks are massive “Lego-like” blocks, which have been hydrodynamically designed and tested in the Deltares wave flume. By assembling these blocks underwater, a stable structure is formed that dissipates wave energy and also creates an underwater labyrinth where fish and other species can shelter and breed. The blocks are made of sustainable concrete with a special texture on the surface. With this, the start-up aims to stimulate all kinds of biological growth such as oysters and mussels to create a living layer that promotes biodiversity and can grow with sea level rise, requiring less maintenance. Next to the Rotterdam Reef project, Reefy is working on several international pilot and demonstration projects in the Caribbean, Central and North America with a range of products both for coastal protection and offshore wind.

Role in the Project

Reefy is supporting the floating future consortium on ecological integration in floating infrastructure and nature-inclusive wave barriers. Reefy will contributing knowledge and experience based on previous field and lab results.