Seaphia is a consultancy, developer and business development company specialized in floating architecture (aquatecture) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ). We provide one-stop-shop services including consulting services to guide businesses and partners through the complexities of community engagement, government relations, economic sustainability, and strategic location scouting, ensuring the success of innovative projects. Our expertise and comprehensive approach encompasses everything through the complexities of taking a project from idea to execution. Seaphia’s services include providing clients and partners with customizable services that align with local needs and stakeholder interests.

Role in the Project

In Floating Futures, Seaphia will contribute in writing documentation that will help with the adoption and normalization of floating projects. Seaphia will draw from its extensive experience in developing social principles to ensure widespread acceptance of floating projects. It will also play a vital role in bringing diversity to the team and students that are part of architecture programs in Colombia.