Smartland is a multi-disciplinary landscape design office with an international focus. The office is founded by Léon Emmen, Klaas Jan Wardenaar and Roel Wolters. Three landscape architects with backgrounds in industrial design, ecology and forestry, nature & landscape engineering and with each a working experience of more than 25 years. With our professional roots in the Dutch Rhine River Delta we have gained broad experience in handling spatial quests in densely populated areas, which we project in urban deltas around the world. From this perspective we focus on the urgent challenges the planet is facing at this moment. We develop innovative, integrated spatial solutions for projects in which landscape, urban planning, water management, ecology, architecture and product design come together. We solve problems that are universal and that go beyond borders with design solutions that are positive, possibly generic but in its elaboration unique and tailor made. Natural systems form the starting point in our search for solutions. We believe that knowledge and specific experience of the landscape inevitably leads to appreciation and concern for the environment. We make landscape understandable, readable and liveable

Role in the Project

Smartland will be joining design workshops and produce parts of design-output of the first large scale pilot of the Floating Future project in the Netherlands, for instance for Pampus City between Amsterdam and Almere. Both in the ground-based as in the floating parts, based on our experience as designers of bird paradise Marker Wadden in the Markermeer and of the nature-inclusive island-design of Offshore Service Facility for windpark IJmuiden-Ver in the North Sea.
Also we join in designing and detailing parts of the fixed or floating islands focused on liveability and comfort of the new floating urban structure, to offer a healthy, pleasant and productive living environment. This also provides an opportunity to rethink the relationship between infrastructure, ecology, nature, and society on a larger regional scale of the land-sea regions and on the scale of the urban (waterfront) environments