Waardenburg Ecology is an independent consulting firm and research institute for environment and ecology, established in 1979. We are involved in the research, advice and implementation within numerous projects in which sustainability, restoration of biodiversity, wildlife-friendly design and climate change adaptation play a fundamental role.
The combination of our staff’s strong theoretical knowledge and field experience distinguishes us from other consultancies and ensures innovative yet realistic advice. We feel responsible for using this knowledge to restore and maintain a healthy balance between people and the natural world.
With our motto “We consult nature” we summarize both our standpoint and our role; we consult nature and advise on nature.

Role in the Project

Waardenburg Ecology (WE) will connect expert and field knowledge of aquatic and marine ecology to the project. WE will advise on ecological floating-island design-requirements and options for biodiversity enhancement and nature restoration. In WP2 and 3, WE will be part of co-design and will aid ecological design optimisations. More specifically, by contributing to island-edge designs for large-scale floating structures. Linking the project to real-world environmental conditions and applications.