Waterstudio.NL is an architectural, urban planning and research firm that’s committed to addressing challenges posed by urbanization and climate change. They foresee a scenario where 70% of the global population will be in urban areas by 2050, with 90% of major cities situated along waterfronts.
Their creative vision involves developing water-based urban areas that seamlessly blend into traditional land-based areas. These areas feature familiar urban configurations but come with a floating foundation to gracefully adapt to water fluctuations.
In addition to their architectural projects, Waterstudio.NL also provides crucial advice to governments and cities worldwide on how to effectively combat the impacts of climate change and urbanization. Some of their notable works include the iconic Floating City in The Maldives, as well as innovative designs like floating parks, houses, and theaters for various aquatic environments, such as canals, lakes, and the open ocean.
Waterstudio.NL’s forward-thinking approach extends to their think tank, the Urban Water Laboratory. This research hub focuses on utilizing existing urban water as building ground, offering global cities the flexibility to respond to climate change and urbanization by creating new density.
Their visionary perspective underscores the importance of adaptability and sustainability, signifying a transformative shift in urban planning towards a more environmentally conscious and flexible future.

Role in the Project

Waterstudio, serving as a designer/consultant in Floating Futures’ case studies, extends their involvement to contribute to governance by conceptualizing inclusive floating futures, collaborative governance arrangements, and future-proof solutions. Actively participating in Participatory Action Research, Waterstudio collaborates on local case studies, enriching scientific knowledge and aiming for real-world impact on legislation, policy, and stakeholder awareness.
Waterstudio will be actively engaged in designing and building the first large-scale floating pilot project in the Netherlands, potentially for Pampus City between Amsterdam and Almere. This project serves as a proof of concept, aligning with the broader goals of the Floating Futures initiative.
Waterstudio’s contribution extends to insights into the design for livability and comfort in floating urban environments, essential for proposing viable and attractive floating projects. This output aims to reshape the relationship between infrastructure, ecology, and society on regional and urban scales, influencing policies and regulations of public authorities.
Dr. ir. Koen Olthuis from Waterstudio serves on the Project Advisory Committee, providing technical, procedural, and societal advice to ensure a well-rounded perspective. This role reflects Waterstudio’s commitment to the success of the project.
Waterstudio’s multifaceted contributions in design, research, advisory roles, and global networking make them a key partner in the success of the Floating Futures project.